Pittsburgh n'at

Pittsburghers refer to it as "The Burgh"

We are a residency program with a legacy of excellence in clinical care, research, and education coupled with passion for continued innovation…and all of this within the diverse, multicultural, and topographically breathtaking city of Pittsburgh.

Google Earth Tour

It's hard to think about making a decision regarding where to live for 5 years, site unseen. So we put together this simple tour of our city and residency program using Google Earth. You can see the many hospitals associated with our residency program, as well as where to live and where to play.

The Language of "The Burgh"

Pixburghese is a local dialect you must learn to interpret to live and to work here. Here are a few examples:

  • n'at = "and that"...added on the end of many sentences in our region

  • Pixburgh = Pittsburgh

  • y'ens (aka. YINZ) = is our local version of "y'all". As in "y'ens love that program in Pixsburgh n'at" (a common phrase on OtoMatch).

  • Yinzer = A Pittsburgh native fluent in Pixburghese

This is a nice overview of our region's topography, museums, and outdoor activities. The variety of culinary options as well as biking and hiking trails within minutes of the hospital are quite amazing

This is a Pittsburgh inside joke...In congested areas, Pittsburghers classically reserve parking spaces in front of their homes with folding chairs. But it is a very warm, welcoming, and increasingly diverse place. All are welcome...just don't move someone else's chair.