Harish Dharmarajan, MD

Baylor College of Medicine

Caitlin Olson, MD

St. George's University

Class of 2024

Tracy Cheng, MD, MHS

Duke University

Sophia Dang, MD

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Jefferson University

Mark Fadel, MD, JD

University of Toledo

Linda Magaña, MD, PhD

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Jefferson University

Vusala Snyder, MD, MS

University of Kansas

Class of 2025

Kelly Daniels, MD

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Jefferson University

Nicholas Fung, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Lauren Gardiner, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University

Nathan Lu, MD, MPH

Case Western Reserve University

Terral Patel, MD

Medical University of South Carolina

Class of 2026

Khalil Baddour, MD

American University of Beirut

Nanki Hura, MD

Johns Hopkins University

E. Berryhill McCarty, MD, MA

University of Pennsylvania

Nicholas Oberleis, MD

University of Pittsburgh

Aaliyah Riccardi, MD

University of Connecticut

Class of 2027

Olivieer Bourguillon, MD

Morehouse School of Medicine

Alex Harris, MD, MS

University of Pittsburgh

Shivam Patel, MD

Pennsylvania State University

Brandon Smith, MD, MS

University of Pittsburgh

Kristen Zayan, MD

University of Miami

Class of 2028

Francesco Caruana, MD

Columbia University

Micah Harris, MD

Ohio State University

Elizabeth Liao, MD

University of California San Francisco

Zoey Morton, MD

University of South Carolina

Allison Rollins, MD

University of Washington


We love our program. What can we say? 

Can't stop the feeling!

Thanks to Dr. Mark Fadel, PittOto Class of 2024, for putting this video together.