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A Glimpse of PittOto

Enjoy this video overview of our residency program! 

Specific features of our program are highlighted in the videos below, including our deliberate practice curriculum, research, capstone course, and our new resident lounge.

Deliberate Practice

We are committed to innovation in surgical education. The Operating Room cannot be the only classroom that we rely on in the development of your surgical career.


Research is one of the pillars of excellence at PittOto, as exemplified by our consistently high ranking in funding and academic productivity. 


It's hard to explain, but it's awesome. Check out our method for helping you to finish residency strong!

A work-hard/play-hard program with a storied tradition of excellence.

Eye & Ear Institute:

Where Legacy and Innovation Meet

Eye & Ear Institute is home base for our residency program. It houses our resident lounge, call rooms, conference rooms, business offices, and clinics, in addition to our temporal bone lab, surgical innovation lab (CREATES), and several research labs. 

Resident Lounge

Home base for PittOto residents. This newly renovated space boasts two call rooms, a kitchenette, computers, two treadmill desks, and a Peloton. Check it out!

Graduate Medical Education

Being an otolaryngology resident at UPMC automatically places you in a dynamic, diverse GME community that is one of the largest GME organizations in the world. 
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The Excellent Hospitals

Get an inside view of the hospitals that are at the core of our training program. See the beauty of the Pittsburgh region and the proximity of the hospitals to the various locations where residents eat, play, and call home.